USHBC Unveils New “Little Blue Dynamos” Positioning and Campaign for Highbush Blueberries
by Mark Villata, USHBC Executive Director

A new brand positioning for highbush blueberries, which will be the USHBC identity and direction now and in the future, has recently been launched by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. The branding project was a multi-stage process which included extensive consumer research and testing to be sure that the concept and message is on target and will motivate a new blueberry consumer group of women 25 to 40 years of age, while at the same time is accepted by the traditional blueberry consumer base of women 45 years of age and older.

See what's happening with little blue dynamos:

This branding process began in 2008 with the goal of addressing the “blue wave” of blueberries expected from both domestic and international production in the years to come. The USHBC plan is to double domestic per capita blueberry consumption over the next five years to keep up with projected future supply. Here in North America, blueberry production could increase from the current record level of approximately 480 million pounds to more than 900 million pounds in the next five years. Internationally there could be as much as 1.5 billion pounds of blueberries on the market by the year 2015.

The USHBC has worked to create a brand image for blueberries that will encourage new blueberry users while at the same time encourage core blueberry users to expand their purchases. The new “Little Blue Dynamo” positioning is a vehicle that will help accomplish this goal. The “Little Blue Dynamo” brand positioning will serve as a way to set blueberries apart from other fresh fruit options and is based not only on the functionality of blueberries, but also on the emotional feelings consumers have for blueberries.

This new positioning, which includes a new USHBC logo and seal, serves as a foundation for current USHBC market promotion efforts providing a unified voice and look to the consumer, food service and food manufacturer promotional activities conducted by the Council. The positioning will also help the USHBC to leverage funds by creating multiple exposures to its marketing theme and help to break through the clutter of marketing messages directed to the consumer each day.

A modest rollout of the brand will be initiated this year with on-line banner advertising appearing on health, lifestyle and food oriented websites viewed by the new target audience, as well as promotion on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The theme will also be featured on the current USHBC website and in all USHBC market promotion and publicity materials. Blueberry marketers are also being encouraged to place the “Little Blue Dynamo” seal on their packages to create even more visibility at retail.



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