Spotted Wing Drosophila Update
by Wei Yang, Oregon State University Berry Crops Extension Agent

With funding support from the Oregon Blueberry Commission and ODA, OSU, USDA, and Peerbolt Crop Management, I conducted a series of experiments in blueberries during summer 2010 to develop the best IPM (integrated pest management) practices for controlling spotted wing drosophila (SWD). A statewide monitoring program began in late April and SWD male and female fly populations were monitored using vinegar traps in commercial blueberry fields.

By late July, SWD appeared in all the counties along the I-5 corridor, indicating SWD was widespread in Oregon blueberry fields.

To determine the best treatment options, many chemical trials were conducted in early, mid and late blueberry cultivars. Mass trapping, organic insecticides and sanitation practices were evaluated for controlling SWD in organic production systems. How blueberry ripeness stages, fruit firmness, pH and Brix affect egg laying and developing SWD were also studied in early, mid and late cultivars. After harvest, SWD activity was monitored using ground traps and in fruits fallen on the ground. How SWD overwinters in Oregon will be carefully investigated in the next few seasons. The good news is that OSU along with WSU, UC California and USDA-ARS was awarded a $5.7 million Specialty Crop Research Initiative grant to combat this new pest. The research results from many SWD experiments will be presented in various grower meetings this winter.

Those interested in hearing the latest SWD research and control measures for the new growing season, with a focus on berry crops, may sign up for free ($10 per person donation suggested) for a SWD Research Update and Season Warm Up Workshop on April 21, 2011 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the North Willamette Research & Extension Center in Aurora. You will learn the current recommended trap design and usage, monitoring for adults and larvae, spray application timing and chemical choices for control. Future planned research activities will also be presented. Speakers for the event will include Amy Dreves, Denny Bruck, Walton Vaughn, Lynell Tanigoshi and Jana Lee. Pre-registration is required and space is limited, so sign up early. You can register online at or call Jan Egli at the NWREC at 503-678-1264 ext. 110.


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Spotted Wing Drosophila Update

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