Oregon Blueberry Season is Here

chartFresh Oregon blueberries are one of the joys of summer. Thankfully, local growers are expected to harvest more than 170 million pounds of blueberries this year, another production record.

A bumper crop of fresh blueberries is good news for customers who have increasingly become aware of the advantages of buying local and buying fresh. Harvest starts in late June and continues into September. 

“Oregon is known for high quality and flavorful blueberries,” said Bryan Ostlund of the Oregon Blueberry Commission. “The weather this year has been exceptionally good for increased fruit size and sweetness. With consumers becoming more discerning about their blueberries, Oregon is well positioned this season.”

Oregon benefits from warm days and cool nights, which increase quality potential. The region hasn’t experienced as much weather-related production volatility as other areas in the country.  

Oregon growers routinely realize the highest crop yields per acre compared to any other state, an estimated 20,000 pounds per acre or more. Oregon farms range from large operations that ship their crop to both national and international buyers, to small family farms with less than ten acres, offering on-farm sales. 
Oregon is among the top producing states in the nation for blueberries, with more than 152 million pounds harvested in 2019.

In addition to the domestic market, the international market looks optimistic for exports. Continued growth of Southeast Asia including the Vietnam market, which opened last year, is promising. The Philippines and China have just recently approved export of locally produced blueberries to their countries.

“Oregon Blueberries are so delicious and nutritious that people all over the world want them. Fortunately, Oregonians only have to travel to their local store, farmers market, farm stand or u-pick farm to enjoy,” Ostlund said.

Oregon blueberries are also the star of Super Foods for a healthy mind and body. They are certified as a heart-healthy food by the American Heart Association and contain natural compounds that help bodies stay healthy.
As powerful disease fighters, blueberries carry four essential nutrients, including fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. Blueberries are a very rich source of antioxidant phytonutrients. One cup of blueberries contains only about 80 calories.

With many families staying close to home this summer, Blueberries are a great way to add excitement to backyard picnics and grilling. They are convenient, an ideal picnic food and are a great way to energize everyday meals.

If you’re interested in additional information on the Oregon blueberry industry, harvest, marketing or blueberry nutrition, just give us a call. 

Oregon Blueberry growers are harvesting some of the best quality and highest blueberry yields in the world. It’s a great story.

Bryan Ostlund
Oregon Blueberry Commission
P.O. Box 3366, Salem, Oregon 97302
503.364.2944  •  email: bryan@ostlund.com