Seasonal In-State Promotions Keep
the Spotlight on Oregon Blueberries

Public relations, the non-paid media cornerstone of the Oregon Blueberry Commission's seasonal promotions efforts, continues to focus the spotlight on fresh season blueberries and the growers who make it all happen.


  Television commercial with Eric Pond

The Commission's program continues to expand in its diversity thanks to a network of community based programs, the Oregon Department of Agriculture and independent retail marketers looking to expand their promotion efforts with unique partnerships and the power of the blueberry health halo.

Media kits and the fundamental blueberry media messaging set the frame work for the overall effort, however, fresh new elements in the realm of social media, expanding websites and point-of-purchase materials add a hands-on tangible aspect.

The importance of the Commission's ambassador to the public, Ima Blueberry, continues to grow as well. Now the single largest category in the promotions budget, Ima makes her presence known in the Willamette Valley from late June through Labor Day. Ima's off-season appearances continue to expand as well with events like Ag Fest, school programs and major community events.

AM Northwest cooking segment with Craig Messmer (click to play)

While a great deal of focus is placed on non-paid media, there are select elements of paid media as well. Promotion packages that place blueberries on-air with Portland broadcast television and publications like Edible Portland have their place as well. News media online ad placements in select major markets throughout Oregon rounded out the paid media efforts with more than 1.4 million blueberry ad impressions.

In July and August several partnership promotions were conducted, the largest being the Oregon Berry Festival followed by Mio Gelato, Sweetest Things Cupcakes, Food and Wine Pairings at the Oregon State Fair, USA Pears, the International Pinot Noir Festival and others.

The USHBC plays a critical role in what we do as well. Thanks to their cooperative nature many of the materials used with their national and international efforts are available to us to repackage or rebrand and give our local in-state projects the look and feel of a much more expensive effort.

The Oregon blueberry industry is fortunate to have such a diversity of resources and partnerships available that keep this dynamic industry well positioned right here in Oregon.

A special thank you to PanAmerican, Townsend Farms and Gingerich Farms for donations of blueberries and other resources that made our special events successful.

Click HERE to view a pdf of the promotions report.


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Seasonal In-State Promotions Keep the Spotlight on Oregon Blueberries

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