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Third Online Course Offered 

Professor of Horticulture and Extension Berry Crops Specialist Bernadine Strik, through Oregon State University’s Professional and Continuing Education, is offering a third online course in blueberry physiology, production systems and management starting on September 29.

The course includes three to four hours of lectures per week over a six-week period and an interactive discussion board led by Strik. It is designed for new and established blueberry growers, conventional and organic growers and for managers of small- and large-sized farms. The course is focused on blueberry production in the Pacific Northwest, but much of the information should be applicable to production regions around the world.

Course participants will learn about blueberry plant physiology, species types and where different cultivars are best adapted, site selection and preparation, planting design for hand and machine harvest, irrigation system design and management, organic amendments, nutrient management, pruning (including many new videos), harvest methods and pest-management tools.

Strik is the course’s lead instructor. Joining her is USDA-ARS berry crop breeder Chad Finn; USDA-ARS Research Horticulturist David Bryla; entomologist Vaughn Walton, an associate professor in OSU’s Department of Horticulture; and Extension Plant Pathology Specialist Jay Pscheidt.

The course has been offered two times in early 2017 with "rave reviews from students,” Strik said, including those new to blueberry production, as well as experienced growers.

More information on the course is available at .

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