U-Pick Farms

These great Oregon Blueberry growers have in-season fresh sales available to the public.


Browse our library of blueberry recipes for ways to energize your everyday meals.

Where's IMA?

There is always a good time to be had when IMA, Oregon blueberry's ambassador, is in attendance.

Blueberries on Blogs

See what bloggers are doing with healthy and tasty blueberries.

About Oregon Blueberries

It’s the Super Food designation that has driven Oregon blueberry production and sales increases in recent years. With such large production numbers, Oregon remains one of the top producing states in the nation.

Fresh Oregon blueberries are a hot commodity these days for a lot of reasons with incredible taste, the highest quality and high nutritional value being just a few.

Growing Blueberries at Home

Planting blueberries can be easy in the right conditions. Before you begin, read up on how to plant blueberries and ask an expert about the best blueberry varieties.

Once you’ve selected your blueberry plants, keep these tips in mind to ensure success in growing blueberries.