Oregon Blueberry Commission Booth
a Big Hit at Oregon AgFest

For many years now the Oregon blueberry industry has had a very colorful presence at Salem’s popular Oregon AgFest, a 26-year tradition that’s always held the last weekend in April.

Commissioner Jay Hoffman volunteering for a shift

This year the Oregon Blueberry Commission’s (OBC) 24’ by 10’ booth, which was located in the “Ag Country” section of the AgFest, featured several attractions, including OBC’s perennial, go-everywhere mascot Ima Blueberry.

Volunteers passed out samples of dried blueberries, which were donated by Meduri Farms near Dallas, Oregon and bookmarks.

An added “perk” was a series of not-your-normal post cards with images preprinted on them. Images included illustrations of a blueberry muffin and children picking blueberries. Visitors were asked to adorn the images with blueberry impressions made by a pencil eraser dipped in blue ink. They could then take them home and color them.

It’s hoped that the hundreds of visitors to the booth will send the little blueberry billboards through the mail to their friends and family members.

The Oregon blueberry industry's participation in AgFest began under the now defunct Oregon Blueberry Growers’ Association and was taken on by OBC two years ago when OBGA closed shop.

The booth was designed and painted at the commission office to give the impression that visitors were entering a blueberry field.

The blueberry booth was manned by volunteers, each of whom worked four-hour shifts over the weekend. Thanks to Tia Ross for coordinating the volunteers.

The AgFest is an activity-filled festival where kids, and grown-ups too, can touch, taste and experience life on the farm. Around 17,000 people attend each year. About 4,000 people visited the OBC booth this year, nearly double what we have seen in previous years.

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