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Blueberry Industry 'Giving Back' Through Health Foundation

The Blueberry Family Health Foundation was started by families in the blueberry industry with a clear vision: To end type 2 diabetes in children.

The world has embraced blueberries. This foundation is a way blueberry families can unite agriculture to make real change, demonstrate social responsibility and to give back.

By bringing together agriculture resources with the diabetes community the foundation is designing and implementing programs that raise awareness, educate and provide access to healthy foods for children.

What is the link between diabetes and blueberries? The USHBC Health Research Committee has been funding research which investigates a link between the consumption of blueberries and those factors that affect the onset of diabetes. Research is continuing in this area.

Once an adult disease, type 2 diabetes is increasing in children in staggering numbers. Today 1 in 3 children in the US are overweight or obese. Obesity is the #1 risk factor.

Did you know?

  • Type 2 accounted for less than 3% of new-onset diabetes in youth in the 1980s. Now, this number is 45%, and growing.

  • Type 2 diabetes develops twice as fast in children than adults, and complications are more severe for youth than adults.

  • If a child is overweight or obese by age 5, it is almost a 100% chance that they will be overweight throughout their lives.

  • The life expectancy of youth living with type 2 diabetes is decreased by 15 years on average.

  • More than 70% of at-risk children and their parents do not perceive that they are overweight or obese, and are not aware of the health consequences.

The good news is that type 2 diabetes in children is preventable!

Blueberries are a healthy crop and blueberry families and supporting industry companies are taking a leading role in helping prevent this disease in our children.

If you are interested in learning how you, your family and your company can get involved, contact our Executive Director, Kari Rosenfeld, and visit our website at


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