Korea Program Registered Participants

All registered growers and packers will be informed of manditory traning sessions.

Registered Packers
Curry & Company
HBF International
Oregon Berry Packing, CO
Pan American Berry Growers
Townsend Farms

Registered Growers
Casale AG, LLC
Cascade Berries, LLC
Eden Fruit Farms, LLC
Forest Hills Farm, Inc.
McNerney Farms, Inc.
David Obersinner
Oregon Berry Packing Inc.
Pacific Farms Co., LLC
Pan America Berry Growers

Blueberry Packers

General Instructions
Packing Facility Registration Form
Packing Facility Compliance Agreement
Packing Facility Arrival Inspection Record

Oregon Blueberry Growers

General Instructions
Producer and Production Field Registration Form
Producer Compliance Agreement
Sample Field Map

What’s new for 2019

The 2019 Korea export program is very similar to the 2018 program.  Most all information will be listed on this resource page and updates will be made as needed.

  • All Packers must have a record coordinator and have participated in a Korea program training session.

  • All packer and grower registration documents, compliance agreements and production maps are to be submitted to the Oregon Department of Agriculture.
  • Grower identification numbers will be provided by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

  • Packers will assign themselves a three-letter packer code and producers will assign themselves three-number field or field block production code(s).

  • All growers, packers, record coordinators must attend the annual USDA/ODA training seminar.

Freight Forwarders


Exporting Fresh Blueberries to Korea

Operational Guidelines

Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for Oregon Blueberries - 2019 TBA

Record Verification Checklist for Export of Oregon Blueberries to Korea

Background White Paper

APHIS Approved TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facilities - 2019 TBA

Scouting Record for Mummy Berry - Pdf Form

Scouting Record for Mummy Berry - Excel Form

Intensified Visual Inspection - Trap Count Instigated Larvae Search - PDF

Packing Facility Arrival Inspection Record


Korea Market Pests of Concern

Korea Market - Identified Pests of Concern White Paper
Blueberry IPM Manual - WSU

Sample Pest Monitoring Forms

Trap Servicing Record PDF Format
Trap Servicing Record Fillable Form (excel format)

Mandatory Labeling Requirements

Clamshell Labeling Requirements (must be readable by human eye)
Pallet Label Artwork (8.5” x 11” white paper, red ink)
USDA Safeguarding Tape Artwork

Tape Vendors:

Lisa Poulson
Michelsen Packaging Company
509-853-2885 direct

Natureworx - Environmentally Intelligent Packaging
Tia Ross

H.R. Spinner Corporation

Washington Packing

Program Contacts

Oregon Blueberry Commission

Bryan Ostlund


Davin Potts
Trade Specialist - WA, OR and AK
206 W. 1st Street
P.O. Box 216
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Office: 509-925-1189
Cell: 509-607-4021

Christopher Deegan
State Plant Health Director for Oregon

Evan Pace
Export Certification Specialist
503-820-2756 even.w.pace@aphis.usda.gov

Judith Macias (Korea market access trade issues Assistant Trade Director)

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Kevin Bailey
Trade Development Manager — Willamette Valley
Oregon Department of Agriculture
635 Capitol St NE
Salem, Oregon 97301-2432
Cell: 503-508-6733

Lindsay Eng, Administrator (certification and inspection)
Market Access and Certification Programs
Tel: 503-986-4620



Presentation from the 2019 Grower and Packer Meeting